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Re: Show 118


This paw paw shit… is gonna be funny for decades… and yes I will not look and my grandpa the same way ever again…

That tastes like paw paw’s finger…
[An interesting story… this bit came up while I was walking towards general studies… I COLLAPSED with laughter on the grass… I mean… people must have thought I was an epileptic or some shit because I was in a laughter induced shock… a girl came over and was like “dios mio, ¿¿estás bien?? (my god are you ok?)… all panic-ed and shit… and all i could blurt out was “si si, gracias” (yea yea thanks) in between laughs…]
Paw paw’s butthole (unintelligible) taquito…
Paw paw will you keep my taquito warm?
paaaawwww paaaaawwww

more music:
“I can’t concentrate with freeking bagpipes on my ears dude”
“big ol’ black cock rings”
“i got claw marks on my pee pee”
all the laughter that ensues