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Re: Show 115

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Re: Show 115


I vote that too, the show turned out sweet. Eventually. I just appreciate the effort cause some laughs and shit sitting out front of Starbucks with only two SOS gentlemen is better than no show at all.

Like that dramatic “There’s a story I don’t want to tell, but I know what death smells like,” quote. What a line, that shit should be in a movie. I liked the background music also, it was the perfect volume and made a pretty nice atmosphere, way above average for store muzak. I also liked the bit where Jerry has the “What would you do if you saw the end of the world comin?” question and he says, “I’d sit and finish smoking my cigarettes.” Reminds me of the Three Chinamen story from Young Guns, and only last week I was saying how when I first heard the show I thought Jerry’s laugh reminded me of Emilio Estevez’s laugh in Young Guns. Coincidence? Or Black-Cocked Gnome fate?

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