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Re: Show 112

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Re: Show 112


Don’t think, just start singin’ – Jerry.

Understand I respect the shit out of you Rob before I say this and that I know I’m not even half as funny as you when you’re on form. That’s not to soften the blow or kiss your ass, it’s scientific fact. I’ve never in my life been more than 47% as funny as you and that was on a really good day when I was drunk. Hopefully this comes across constructively from an outsider (fan) point of view because I felt your pain in this show and I have nothing but non-gay-love for you so it hurt me too. It cut me deep.

It seemed like you finally caught on when you said you would just start singin any old shit and not try so hard to fit in with whatever Jerry had started. It’s hard enough just to come up with a rhyme let alone improv a story and if you overthink it you block yourself. It’s like with anything creative, just start and accept that not everything that comes out will be gold but at least you’ll get some momentum. Thing is, you were still plenty funny in other parts of the show so it wasn’t really a full on comedy-block. Anyway, this might all be meaningless to you, I’m no comic-coach so fuck it, y’all know I still think you’re hilarious and I have all the Rob Michaels bling Jerry was talking about so I’ll get off your back about it, gosh.

Speaking of Bryan, what a farkin legend this dude is with his cutting sound files together visually. I’ve messed with some sound in my time and even allowing for the fact that I have the talent of a retarded baboon that was some nice cutting. Awesome to hear the Captain chucking the headphones and beating the shit out of the desk in a classic epic laugh-seizure too. I rewound about ten times.

Who is Paul Fuckin’ Wood?

Free My Heart is kick ass Jerry. Plus you had me laughing my tits off all show. What a brain on this guy. I salute you.

After I sell my Lambo the first thing I’m getting is a Hovertrek 6 Passenger Rescue Deluxe with all standard Rescue Options.

Edit: It didn’t make sense when it said “It seemed like you finally caught on when he said he would just start singin any old shit and not try so hard to fit in with whatever Jerry had started.”

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