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Re: Show 110

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Re: Show 110

Bing wrote:
I usually strip down to the nude and listen while covered in butter.

Holy Crap Bing, thats so dam funny I’ll be laughing bout that for hours!

Personally, I normally listen to switched on while mowing the lawn, or any other crappy, boring, unavoidable, menial tasks. I would sometimes listen to the show on a long boring car journey, but as youve mentioned in many of your shows before, driving while listening to switched:On is not one of the most sensible or safest things you could ever do, what with the incredible comedy sometimes inducing in lack of oxygen due to low breathe in to breathe out ratio, loss of sight with luaghing and crying from laughing so damm hard.

Yeah, so anyway, show 110 was great, it was cool the way that at times it really did feel like I was actually there with you guys! Kick ass show!