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Re: Show 110

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Re: Show 110


I usually listen either in my submarine on the way to ballet practice or while I’m pretending to be a goat.

In the Pre-110 Bryan wonders if it’s confusing in the prank calls to hear the boys laugh (in the “background”) when the person being called doesn’t hear the laughs. Not for me dude, it was perfect because it makes heightens the ridiculousness of the caller and the target’s reactions seem even funnier. It also somehow makes it seem like the listener is kind of in on the joke even more.

In both the shows the accents fuckin ruled. Something about the way Rob uses his voice makes simple things so hilarious to me, even just swearing in normal conversation. He kind of exagerates the cuss in a comically angry way or something or swears where you wouldn’t expect it, it just always cracks me up. Early in the Pre-110 he comes in with something about, “Ay, I’m gonna need me 48 of them fuckin sassage pizzas” in the Brooklyn? accent. Like a wiseguy accent or something, it’s such a funny voice. Then his Brit la-de-da stuff, so perfectly over-the-top. And he does all this shit without really thinking or trying, it just comes out funny.

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