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Re: Show 110

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Re: Show 110


I cracked up when Bryan said, “Our listeners are suckers who’ll listen to anything.” Thing is when I played the start of this Pre-110 and heard what was going on I actually thought to myself, “Wait, isn’t there something strange about listening to some dudes’ random banter while they go out to a fast food joint? You can get this kind of shit anytime you hang out with your own mates, why is this even interesting?” It was a thought that only lasted 3.5 seconds or so (the maximum time any non-sexual thought lives in my head) cause the answer was, “Maybe, but I don’t give a shit, these guys crack me up a lot and say some interesting stuff and they have cool Texas accents and most radio hosts and other podcats are crap so get off my back fuckin voice in my head or I’ll make you listen to Tony Danza.”

Some of my favourite unfunny SOS is when Jerry’s talking about childhood adventures and stuff, like the toys and the shit he and Bryan used to do. It’s not just cool stories but also it also slings up my own memories. The good memories that don’t make me wet my bed.

The best bit of the Pre-110 is near the end when Jerry’s like, “Do you think they’ll ever outlaw barbeques at campgrounds and stuff,” and it leads to Bryan being like, “We’re gonna be the least free ‘free country’ in the world.” Then there’s a pause and in my head I’m thinking that Rob and Jerry are thinking, “say something to steer us away from the state-of-the-nation, we talked about this serious stuff only two shows back …” And the pause lasts the perfect amount of time for a little dead-air tension to build and then Jerry’s like, “Yeah Varun, we have lots to say on these things … t’s just the way it is.” Fuckin awesome, that should be a show tagline or a t-shirt or something. The same as how Rob’s instinctively funny with his voice, Jerry has an instictive delivery that kind of satirises the way lines are delivered in movies or tv and he nails it with that one.

My only other thing is that the day before I’d heard the shows I said “poppycock” to my flatmate. It’s not a regular word by any means but it just seemed funny to me that the day after I said that, it came up in your conversation about shit no one says anymore.

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