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Re: Show 110

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Re: Show 110

Scatt wrote:
It amazes me how many people say they listen at night or in bed. I wonder if that limiting of physical senses lets your imagination put you more ‘there’.

Yeah man it does. Especially when the work is done, the wife stops nagging and you have yourself to … yourself…quiet. That’s until you are in this theater-of-the-mind and Rob laughter gets you in the mood. I sometimes listen to the show I am on the computer but can’t really focus to the show. But when its quiet at night time, it great listening experience.

Scatt you say “imagination” puts you more there. Yup. Take show 96; when they went to see X-Men and eat at Steak-n-Shake. With the great audio pick up at the movie theatre and them talking, you can visualize that Bryan was sitting on the left, Jerry in the middle and Rob on the right. Then the parking lot and believing that you were right there when they were ordering, eating, talking about the Best Of, and leaving. Or when they are doing the “chamber” effects. Nice! Or them just sitting around at the studio.