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Re: Show 109

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Re: Show 109


As this is the first time ive posted in absolutely ages, I’d just like to say that I am just as much (if not more) a Switched:On fan as I ever was, I just thought I’d let you guys know that, because I am aware that recently I havent been quite as active on the board as I would like and I would hate for you to think that you had in any way lost me as a fan, I’ve just been incredibly busy the last couple of months for one reason or another and simply havent had much free time at all, I could go on for ages with more excusses as to why I havent been on in so long but I wont hastle you with other profitless drivel! But now I’ve managed to get everything sorted out over here I should be online more often from now on!
So anyway, I just finished listening to episode 109 and 108, and I just got to tell you those two shows were absolutely brilliant, they both probably class as some of my favourite shows of all time. It was great to hear Jerry really going for it with his singing, Jerry you really are a musical genious! And the prank calls in 109 were hilarios, along with all the other examples of your guys comical genious. Two really great shows guys, well done and thank you! 😀