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Re: Show 109

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Re: Show 109


“I just want boobies on my face.” Jerry. Then he proceeds to come up with some trademark examples of his Jerryness. The “if you could sting someone” question is such a surreal funny idea, freaky like The Fly. His knock on wood for dumb reasons idea was hilarious too. And “Did you guys see that lawyer show on tv last night?” “What about it?” “I don’t want to talk about it.” “You don’t want to talk about it?” “No, just drop it okay.” Awesome.

Then the discussion about helping your Dad working under a house being freaky (I hear that) when you’re a kid turns into more hilariousness. I can’t wait to have kids. A lot of the time there’s parts of shows where mundane everyday stuff gets brought up, like the stuff from when the boys were kids, or things like the frustrations that come with mechanical projects of any kind, and it doesn’t need to be funny to be good content. It’s just cool to hear shared random observations and be like, “fuck yeah dude, I know exactly that experience.”

“I have a permanent imprint of a nintendo controller on the bottom of my balls.” Rob.

The first Blockbusters call was awesome, especially when the boys were yelling in the background and Katie was giggling. I was cracking up too and my shoulders hurt. I just wish you could have found some way to get the SOS voicemail number to her or something and have her ring back. Then Jerry’s on fire with the voices for the other calls.

“My wife’s looking for them Spiderman tampons” was a sweet reminder of the Walmart visit in 75. Then at the end of talking to Gary Riddick Jerry makes this mmmmnnn noise, it’s at 1:34:19. I remember because I rewound 6 times. Also, I don’t know how Bryan kept bringing it back after each time he cracked up talking chemistry and dermitology, but each time he saved it. What kept both Jerry and Bryan’s calls awesome was how they kept kind of humble, like Bryan mentioning how embarassing it was and saying sorry, and Jerry would be, like he said, like you’ve got to make them your buddy. It was so cool how much that lady played along, she was gold.

For the next week I’m going to read everything in my head in Rob’s latino voice. Good times.

Version3 wrote:
Hmmm… I wonder if SOS needs a number for the little island? 😀

Hey, who you calling little!?!?! Oh yeah, you’re from Texas. 😀 Even Australia’s only medium sized next to Texas. Seriously though dude, if it’s going to mean any money or time on your guys part don’t waste it on our little islands. I just need to hunt out a mic and get some hot mp3 action happening, it’ll be more reliable clarity anyway. The more voicemails or other content the better, it all sparks off stuff from you guys and that’s what it’s all about.

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