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Re: Show 106

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Re: Show 106


My ad for a new p.a. … “Must be willing to apply butterscotch dressing to my nuts. That is all.”

I get Jerry’s thing about long hair, I had it shoulder length in my late teens and early twenties. It was cool for being in loud rock bands but a pain in the ass most of the rest of the time, especially when it’s windy or drying it after swimming or showers. At some point I got sick of it and now not only does it take 5 seconds to dry and zero seconds to comb, I spend zero dollars on hair products. Sweet.

When our generation is 80 sitting in a home somewhere or on a rocker on the porch we won’t be talking about the war or the depression or anything we’ll be throwing Matrix and Star Wars quotes around. I like that.

Anyway, good show, I like it when Jessica’s around every once in a while for a change of dynamics and somehow it still worked even with Bryan spending a lot of time distracted by photoshop or whatever it was. Rob and Jerry somehow didn’t descend into only making ridiculous noises and every time Bryan would come back into the conversation he’d say something that cracked me up.

- Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.