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Re: Show 106

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Re: Show 106


Brandon (and this applies to Rusty and everyone else for that matter), you were on the show and you were plenty funny. The problem comes into play when you call with the intent to be funny. Trying to be funny for the vast majority of the population (that includes me, but not so much Rob or Jerry) results in exactly the opposite. When humor comes about from the natural flow of a conversation or thought process, or your natural reaction to a situation leads you to thinking something is funny, THEN you talk about it/comment on it/add to it, it’s likely to be funny. But when you develop this preconcieved idea of what someone else will think is funny, then try to execute it, it will generally fail. The is the same effect you get when people try to tell you a story that you had to be there for… the humor comes from the moment, not from the words. The exception, is people who naturally word things in a funny fashion, or have a natural gift at identifying funny.

If you leave a message, and it’s just crickets and darkness on our end, don’t be offended… take it as a hint that calling in with the intent to be funny will fail much more often than it succeeds. Instead, call us and tell us how it’s going, what you like or don’t like about our show, feedback on something specific we said, or something really thought provoking you saw on your way to work (be careful with this last one, if you aren’t SURE it’s thought provoking, it’s not). Relax and you should be fine while traveling the SOS Voicemail expressway.

Oh, and obvious tip. Don’t leave voicemail just to leave voicemail. You’ll just be made fun of, cut off or ignored completely by almost any show on the planet.