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Re: Show 103

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Re: Show 103


Your call was good Brandon, you were cool and heaps of funny shit happened in that part of the show. The big talk about the Superman stuff afterwards and the Star Wars things ruled. I must have been living in a deep dark hole cause I never heard Tarver was in the new Rocky movie until Bryan said it, that makes things a little more interesting but not enough to get excited about it.

Anyway it was awesome having a bigtime crackup in the show, the shows have been good but it seems like it’s been a few since one of them rib-cracking nosebleed type things. It’s like the old saying we have in NZ, “you can always trust a wookie orgasm to get the job done.”

I was thinking how cool it’d be if one day you guys get a video camera in the studio, not to vidcast the show but to be able to post a clip of any visual stuff or big crackups or whatever the best moments of the show were. One day.

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