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Re: Show 102

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Re: Show 102


Faaark dude, so you had older bros or sis that exposed you to all that 80s bollox? Either that or you’ve been kinder to your brain cells than me, I can’t remember jack shit from before I was 7 or 8. Except what I’ve seen on old home vids at least. Me singing Rod Stewart’s We Are Sailing as a four year old … cute as all hell let me assure you. I wish it was Do You Think I’m Sexy.

Anyway, I like this guy Bing, he better call again some time. I like when he made the comment about how when he says random shit in public now it reminds him of Jerry, I get the same thing. Not so much, “what would Jerry do in this situation?” because that’s impossible to know and I’m not that funny, but more like it reminds me of one of the things about the show I relate to, having fun messing with strangers.

I never got run down by any cars on my bike but once I came off in one of those bike-stops-rider-doesn’t-stop situations. I was about 10 and I smacked my balls on the gooseneck. They swelled up twice the size for a week and couldn’t walk properly for a month. Even typing this brings tears to my eyes.

The more serious stuff about TV and morals was cool too.

- Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.