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rob wrote:
Bryan — can you elaborate? I can definitely relate — I don’t know if I’d use the brown shit-holed whore, thing, but…

Well, basically the couple who watch Kennyth (well the wife does anyway) during the day asked what switchedonshow.com was. I told her it’s a little show that we do that’s pretty way out there and times that I’m never sure who to recommend to, of the people I know. Of course, they were both immediately interested in what I was talking about. I tried to tell them about it being like hanging out, and everyday comedy and such, and got the “Oh, like Russ Martin?”. I said, eh, kinda I guess, but we don’t talk about “the band” constantly, or how much better we have it than everyone else. BTW: that’s a Dallas personality for those that don’t know. A very well rated one too.

Anyway, I did what I always do, I tried to give a few examples of the show, and at a point I said that at times we talk about stuff that nobody really wants to hear you talk about, but it’s somehow funny anyway, because it’s either situational or delivery. Then I said for instance… then thing about worst titles, brown holed whores… and got a major ew response. So I explained that yeah it is, but in the right setting, or coming up in the right conversation, somehow that can be really funny.

I concluded by saying that maybe the most recent show is not the place for them to start, and stuck a sampler disc in one of their hands. I told them if they could get through that, they’d know what we are like, and that they can handle how messed up we get.