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Re: Shock Value

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Well it is true some of “our” humor (I say our because some of the most tasteless, potentially offensive jokes are either perpetuated or encouraged by the “Brotherhood”). [PawPaw, chocolate finger, drug use]

That is what makes SOS so wonderful and unique, NOBODY sounds like you guys, nobody has the balls to do an unedited show…noboday has the guts to bomb and admit it.

Not everyone will get you guys, and that is part of what makes it so great. Switched On is for the hosts and the listeners, you don’t try to please everyone by changing your product.

Does Switched On: have universal appeal?
probably not

Does Switched On: take the joke too far sometimes?
I don’t think so

Does Switched On: make you laugh till you cry?
Most of the Time

Does Switched On: have Integrity and Guts?
You bet your sweet, swollen, prolapsed rectum it does….

You guys keep on doing what you do….and I will listen to every damn show you put out.