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Re: Sho One Thirty Fo

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Re: Sho One Thirty Fo

Darth Octavious wrote:
Its good to hear a “lunch” show. Listening to this show at night gets you hungry. Chiliburger, Mmmmmm! With a lot of cheese. I guess that she did Bryan; not a John Day. That’s what I thought of when you keep asking for cheese and I was thinking wouldn’t be something if she didn’t!

Nice to hear the WRX.

Listening to this show period gets me hungry (how many points for period and hungry in the same sentence?). These bastards, it doesn’t matter whether they talk about the food on a normal show or record in a shop it always hits me right in the stomach.

Loved all that off/late-for work excuses stuff. When Bryan said can’t come to work because I can’t stop doing my Robert Wagner impression I was cracking up all over the place. I don’t even really remember who Robert Wagner is but the idea of not being able to stop doing an impression of someone and then not being able to work because of it even has me grinning my chops off now. Then of course every one after that was magnified. Also earlier when he dropped in the “Rob’s looking real good today,” so perfectly but Rob didn’t even hear him dammit!

Speaking of Rob, near the start Jerry is saying about hearing Rob Michaels on an old show saying some cuss word real funny and Jerry totally nailed how Rob can make almost anything funny just by the tones of voices he puts on, but cuss words are sometimes the funniest. I catch myself doing his “man, fuck [insert object of derision here]” where he emphasises the “fu-“. That probably makes no sense and would be better in a voicemail.

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