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Re: Save the Internet

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Some of the articles use the word ‘block’ too much… I can see this resulting in ‘family’ targeted providers like AOL blocking (completely) access to known porn sites. But the major thing is bandwidth throttling. If Comcast Cable has a media delivery agreement with a studio or a media content company, part of the agreement could include the limited bandwidth tranfer of it’s competitors. Or, even worse, A cable company might decide that podcasts are bad for business, and you may end up with dial-up transfer speeds of the switched:ON Show, while you have plenty of bandwidth available to watch exclusive trailers and behind the scenes footage provided by the content partner.

Imagine what it would be like if the roads were handed over to corporate America… do you want GM deciding not only where you can go with your car, but if you happen to be going toward a Ford sponsored roadway, or a freeway that Clearchannel has a billboard agreement with Ford… a competitor of your auto manufacturer, or auto provider. -you’ll be limited by hitting every red light imaginable, and be forced to do it on a one lane over-crowded road.

It’s very bad for the internet, it will cease to be a public resource, with companies capitolizing only on it’s delivery of the open resource. Now they should make money on the resources themselves (by pushing their stuff and hiding others) AND the delivery? Fuck them. Fuck them up their stupid asses.