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Re: Rob’s Review(s): Winter ’07-’08…

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Re: Rob’s Review(s): Winter ’07-’08…

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Okay Rob, I have to give your review of Gone Baby Gone a kick in the pants. I’m not really spoiling with this, but if you prefer to know nothing at all, skip my comments. Despite the fact that it’s well done (the movie… duh!), the story isn’t that bleh for me, and I think it wouldn’t be for many. It’s likely to draw people who have any kid attachment in even farther. I hate to say it, but it’s pretty likely that people who tend to dismiss or not want to think about what kids have to go through, are just not going to get into the movie… and not to be mean but in some of those cases it might say more about the viewer than the movie.

But they can’t appeal to all people, right? I’m not saying Rob or anyone person is a withdrawn person, or a simpleton of any kind, there isn’t a person active here that I think that about. I’m just saying the people that aren’t grabbed by this movie, probably have a few things in common where the subject of this movie is concerned.

I couldn’t rewatch it either though. I’d recommend a one watch to anyone, particularly anyone who doesn’t mind being entertained to get moved to the side burner while you think about the life experiences of yourself, others and the choices you’d make.

I hope I’ve not said too much about the movie though.