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Re: Rob’s Review(s): Winter ’07-’08…

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Re: Rob’s Review(s): Winter ’07-’08…

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Now, I’ll just quick comment on the other couple that I have seen.

I liked this movie… but I’m sorry, Jake still doesn’t act. He’s barely even got more than one facial expression. That doesn’t matter to me though. This movie is really good, and though if you have a clock in front of you, you’ll see it as long, it just doesn’t feel like it as Rob says. It covers investigation without being a Court TV special; it does a bit of nearly re-enactment type story telling, without taking you out of the story, and most of all though it’s not being told like your typical story, it still watches like an entertaining movie. I’d say this movie was undersold in marketing, and it should be noted that it could be considered a genre spanner of sorts. I can’t see people just not liking this movie.

No Country For Old Men:
This is one of the better movies I’ve seen in a while. Tommy Lee is good in the movie, but he’s Tommy Lee Jones for most of it. And by that, he’s what you love about him, and little more. It’s not a complaint, it’s an observation… but he really does go back to being a character and not an actor before it’s over. But that fact alone I’d have to say Josh Brolin is the bright star here. Sure Bardem is all that Rob says he is, and he’s incredibly creepy and scary doing it. But Brolin gets to be a driven tough type, with a slight manner about everything that makes him human… a regular guy still. Anyway, I really liked this movie. I’m going to wait a week or so, and watch this one again.

Charlie Wilson’s War:
I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this movie, so I wasn’t surprised or confused or anything. I like that it jumps right in and gets to the point, and to the players pretty quick. Everyone gets to be who they are, and you get to forget they are actors… except with Roberts. Her southern was as bad in this movie as it was in Steel Magnolias. I like her, but I don’t think she’s that good an actress… she’s okay, and has her real character moments, but I didn’t feel like she hit here. I watched a few things about the real person she was playing, so I get the eccentric stuff she had to try and depict… maybe her job was the hardest here… to take this pivotal person in real life, whose role (while important) was smaller, and play it being a top billed star. Anyway… I hope people don’t talk too much about her in this movie. She doesn’t suck at all, I just don’t think she was the best pick for it… again, she may have had the hardest job because of that. Hanks: Love it. He can turn out to be so genuine when he is on screen. I don’t know who convinced me they were not actors more, he or Hoffman. They both super kick ass in here. I think I like Hoffman’s character a great deal more, but they both were really good. Now the movie is good… not great. The performances are top notch, and I like the way the story is told. Mostly, I’m becoming a little more political as I get older, and I like that this story doesn’t assume that I was paying attention to current events when this all went down; a mistake many movies like this typically make with general audiences. Overall, I’d say it’s a movie everyone who can watch a current event/political plot type movie should see. But I can’t see it doing big in DVD sales.

There Will be Blood is on my list.