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Re: Rob’s Reviews: Tons of ’em!

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Re: Rob’s Reviews: Tons of ’em!

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I was set to go to Children Of Men but a friend called and said, “free tickets to a catered special showing of 2001.” So I saw it on the big screen for the second time (last time was about 8 years ago). The first time I saw it was a massive WTF experience but seeing it again it was pretty fuggin great until the weird out Jupiter stuff and fucked up ending.

Also, watched the other two Rockys and now I rate the films in descending order but the fight scenes get better each film. I still like them all out of love for the characters even if the plots get lamer. I’m even on the edge of getting a hold of Rocky V now … the new one doesn’t come out start of Feb here, same as Blood Diamond, Good Shepherd is mid Feb and Pan’s Labyrinth an The Illusionist in APRIL!!?!?! It’s fuggin ridiculous living out here in the colonies sometimes.

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