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Re: Rob’s Ratings.

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Re: Rob’s Ratings.

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Did you watch Mulholland Drive?

Yes, and that’s just a weird one. Lynch is just weird, and that’s what he’s known for. He actually had a pretty neat movie going there, and then all the shit changed, and, well, it just ended up being weird. I like Naomi Watts okay, but she hasn’t really impressed me yet.

On second reading, I think McTiernan sticks out as the most volatile director on my list. I just immediately thought of him because of Die Hard.

I’m with you on Val Kilmer. I keep rooting for him to get some big roles again, because I’ve always liked him.

And I can’t believe that I left out Frank Darabont on my director list. He’s just kick ass, but I’d like to see him do something really serious like Spielberg did with Munich.

And hey, man, I’m with you on the movies talk. I could do this shit for hours, as long as I’m comfortable.