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Re: Rob’s Ratings.

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Re: Rob’s Ratings.

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Yeah I’m afraid to visit Rotten Tomatoes anymore, I get sucked into that stuff way too easily.

I’m pretty much with you on those other directors, except Brian De Palma’s never really made an impression. Untouchables I guess but I saw that way before I really could appreciate any sort of craft in film making. The first Mission Impossible didn’t blow me away and I haven’t seen Carlito’s Way yet. Actually, I remember liking Mission To Mars in the kind of way you like a film when you randomly catch it late at night and have real low expectations but it had more to do with Don Cheadle and Gary Sinise.

I like Crowe from Singles, Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous but didn’t find time for Vanilla Sky, and Elizabethtown seemed like a chick flick from what I saw of the advertising so I didn’t see that either. What you say makes me curious now, I’ll just make sure I watch it with a chick and I’ll be covered. I know what you mean about Scorsese also, I want him to get a statue now just so that vibe can be finished. It’s gotten to be almost distracting, like you don’t know if it’s in the film or if it’s in our imaginations. Maybe he really doesn’t care that much and it’s just everybody else in the world projecting it.

I really dig Wes Anderson’s sense of humour and eccentricity. I think too many people who don’t share it accuse him of pretense but to me it just seems like a dude with an imagination having fun. And I love 12 Monkeys, The Fisher King (Jeff Bridges rules) and Baron Munchausen from Gilliam but haven’t gotten to Brazil or Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas yet. I guess it’s similar to Anderson, the eccentricity Gilliam loves and projects, there’s such mischievious energy.

I’m pretty sure you’ve talked about Boogie Nights once or twice on the show, I remember Jerry saying he hadn’t seen it and you said he should. How do you rate PT Anderson, specially Magnolia and Punch Drunk Love? Are you into Charlie Kaufman’s writing, Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine etc? What did you think of The Green Mile being such a fan of Shawshank with Darabont in the chair? The Majestic is another one of those ones that’s in the list to see.

I need a whack of the flu or something so I can stay home for a week and see all these films. Movies are the silver lining to viral infections and broken bones. Back in May I got the shits and watched 14 movies in 4 days including Life Aquatic, Kung Fu Hustle and Shawn Of The Dead which I liked a lot, as well as finally seeing King Kong where I thought Naomi Watts did an awesome job. I totally forgot she was acting to a blue screen and it made me consider the performance from Mullholland again. She’s good in 21 grams also.

- Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.