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Re: Rob’s mini-show, 9/24/08…

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Re: Rob’s mini-show, 9/24/08…

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This vision of loveliness at your work, does she look like anyone we’d be familiar with?

I love it every time you abuse other drivers, especially when you make a point to comment on the vehicle they’re driving.

The Jerry stuff had me laughing out loud. Come to think of it, it was your take on the Jerry stuff, but it still made me laugh in the same way that “things that don’t fit together” stuff always did and always does.

You should write to the company that makes those pasta things you love so much and tell them you love them and have been raving about them to anyone who’ll listen. If you’re lucky they might send you a few freebees, they do that sometimes.

Fuck yes Alien is piece of brilliance. The first time I saw that was when my old man had taped it off the TV and sat us kids down for a watch. Of course it scared the shit out of our spaceship loving little minds. It’s still my favourite of the series.

- Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.