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Re: Rob’s Mini-Show, 11/7 and 11/13..

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Re: Rob’s Mini-Show, 11/7 and 11/13..

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Yeah, I guess if you don’t have a passion for getting up on that stage and honing the act it’d get to be no fun pretty quick.

It’s just that sometimes when you have a good head of steam up it’s almost like listening to a bit off a stand-up cd, especially when you get passionate about the stuff that pisses you off because you’ve obviously given it some thought and there’s a fire in your belly that makes it entertaining and compelling to hear.

But what you say about not wanting to do the same jokes too many times is pretty hard to argue with. If it felt like you had to do the joke because it’s your job, as opposed to some (either new or old) funny shit that pops into your head and makes you laugh so you want to share it, that would take some of the joy out of your love of being entertaining.

And you have to know that whatever we’ve talked about before, I’m not the guy who’s going to pretend he likes something just to protect anyone’s feelings. If I didn’t enjoy the shit out of what you guys do I wouldn’t be coming here to SOS Land a bunch of times a week. If you draw a shit drawing I’ll either tell you it’s shit or not comment at all, probably the former because I’d want to save you from delusions and shit. Especially shit. Because that’s what I’d want you to do for me.

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