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Re: Rob’s Mini-Show, 10/6 and 10/7…

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Re: Rob’s Mini-Show, 10/6 and 10/7…

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When I was in the jungle, in between ogling large furry arachnids and pretending to be Indy, I would often take a chilli straight off the chilli plant to cut up and mix with my food. I’d hold the thing in place on my plate with my left fingers and chop with the knife in my right hand.

This meant chilli juice on my left fingers so I had to remember not to touch any sensitive part of my body (eyes, balls etc) until I’d given them a good scrub. Since I am stupid and what little brain power I have was being employed in language translational mode I got hot screaming chilli juice either in an eye or on my tockley multiple times. Just another stupid gringo clown thing for the Brazilians to laugh at.

Also, since you want to find some exercise that you can be excited about and you also love martial arts films Rob, what if you got amongst some kung fu or kickboxing training? It might seem a ridiculous idea at first but from what you said about how you recognise the genius of the body movements you’d probably find it mentally as well as physically stimulating.

You’ll feel like a joke at first which is the biggest hurdle, especially of you’re self-conscious or carrying a little too much vanity, but the humility that you have to find to overcome that vanity does good things for a man’s soul and conquering that fear is a badass feeling all on its own.

Version3 wrote:
Is it bad that mine could be like 1.5 hours?!? -with additional parts possible? I’m a talky little fuck, right?

Can I field this one? No sir, it’s not bad, I think I speak for all the vagrants and good bastards when I say there is no such thing as too much entertaining yapping from Captain Castles.

(By vanity I don’t mean the way some guys spend hours looking at themselves in the mirror, I mean the fear of looking goofy in front of other people.)

- Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.