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Re: Rob’s Mini-Show, 10/20…

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Re: Rob’s Mini-Show, 10/20…

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I listened to this episode a few days ago now, and so my memory’s a bit foggy on it now so … can any of you guys remember if Robby said Mark Wahlberg is in his top three actors of all time, or just his top ten? I don’t remember which.

Also, once apon a time I didn’t find Mila Kunis special in the hotness department but since Forgetting Sarah Marshall I’m into her man. On That 70s Show I would’ve pushed her out of the way to get to Laura Prepon’s redheaded girl-next-door deliciousness. Now, I’d be pulling her along for the triple decker ride of a lifetime. And then we’d fuck, all nice and sexy like.

Also, I heard a lot of people say that Max Payne was cack but that trailer was cool, one of the better trailers in recent times. I mean, if you didn’t like that trailer you must be pretty burnt out on trailers. And I thought I was burnt out on trailers, cause most of them do next to nothing for me, but you must be super burnt out on them.

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