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BSherrod wrote:
Recommend a……

TV Show:
A SOS episode:

Anything with Benicio Del Toro. Y’all must have seen Sin City at least, make sure you check out the baddest motherfucker around (sorry Sam L) any place you can. Start with Soderburgh’s Traffic.

Back Of The Y. Way before Jackass these dudes were injuring themselves for your entertainment and were 10 times funnier.

Yeager. A double ace in WWII, broke the sound barrier with broken ribs, still married to the same woman. Now that’s one hell of a man.

Filmspotting for the movie dork, Channel Chaos for Johnny Drunken, the fourth funniest man in podcasting.

http://www.somethingawful.com. Probably everyone knows it already but if you don’t this is the only thing on the cyberhighway that’s ever made me laugh as hard as SOS.

SOS 75. Man up.

- Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.