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Re: Poseidon

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the trailers dont really make any sense to me. looks like it could be a ten minute movie of a cruise ship sinking, for one reason or another. what’s it about?

Well, it’s a movie about a group of terrorists that attempt to sort of “cow tip” a sailboat by rocking it back and forth a shitload. Then, Kurt Russell and Steven Seagal say, “No more!!”. Then they orchestrate a house party to pay for the damages to their parent’s convertables.

You know, come to think of it, even I won’t be seeing this movie simply because I’ve forgotten that I don’t watch movies anymore. The latest movie I took the time to watch was Serenity. Then the next movie I’ll take time to see will be Clerks 2. I think I just wanted to make the “not-pussies” joke.