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Re: Poseidon

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Yeah, have’nt they just.

The original Poseidon movie, the original titanic, raise the titanic, the titanic gets sunk again, but with with Leonardo and nice boobies (Kate Winslett), and the perfect storm. I’m bored of ships either sinking or going up the face of a huge wave, although it would be funny if one of the passengers jumped overboard and started surfing down the face of the wave. When they remake a movie like that it’s usually the CG stuff that makes the movie, well the original did look like some of the scenes were shot in a fish tank.

I like an original idea for movies, I especially like a movie where they actually do some scientific and /or historical research before shooting the move e.g. when Trinity hacks into the power stations computer system and when the ship crashes into the planet in Pitch Black (I liked the scene where the ship was disintegrating on impact).

Sorry, seem to have gone off on a rant then.


If it doesn’t work, jam a screwdriver in there and jiggle it about.