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Re: Pink Floyd anyone…?

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Re: Pink Floyd anyone…?

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I love the epicness of their song On The Turning Away, and a couple of others like Learning To Fly, Wish You Were Here and Shine On You Crazy Diamond are okay. Most of the rest of it I get pretty bored by, even supposedly rousing anthems like The Wall seem kind of plodding and impotent to me and I actively hate the shit out of that song Money. Generally their version of Rock music doesn’t have the type of energy I like in my Rock music so they mostly made no impression on me, even when I used to smoke.

But to be fair I’ve never heard any of their albums in its entirety, except The Division Bell, so it could be I’m missing some good stuff. There’s just too much other stuff I’d rather check out first so I’ll probably never get around to a proper go at The Floyd.

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