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Re: Paw Paw>Lohan

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Re: Paw Paw>Lohan

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Scatt wrote:
Paul, will you call into the show and talk about Paw-Paw for a minute or two? The idea of someone with a British accent talking about Paw-Paw is entertaining at the moment.

Oh, and…

22. Paw-Paw likes it when you get his name wrong during the act.

With my accent the only problem may be that it sounds like a game rather than a name.

British I may be, but the local accent will sound nothing like Phils.
I sound like Bing does to the Queen (No offence Bing).

Almost forgot.

23. Paw-paw likes piggies to squeal. 😯

If it doesn’t work, jam a screwdriver in there and jiggle it about.