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Re: One Twenty Six

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Re: One Twenty Six


I was cracking up right from the start with Jerry’s randomness and Robs funny voice. I gotta say, as much as I like quality cinema, once you’ve seen one re-enactment of Shakespeare by naked 10 year olds you’ve seen ’em all. I mean, Hamlet was great, and the sword fighting in King Lear was pretty spectacular but I find they don’t vary in tone that much.

The movies from Blockbuster stuff, the gay stuff, just a great flow of hilariousness from one thing on to the next. Then it carried on with Rich, a fuggin great guest. I’m glad he came on and plugged his shit. What’s his show called again? I wasn’t bored with the podcast geeking out, I listen to more shows than you guys but I don’t know shit about any podcasting community so it was interesting to hear some of that stuff. Also, yes the Bucho pisstaking is funny, I love that stuff. In fact I’m just stoked I can help out the show with hardly any effort on my lazy-ass part.

The crazy exagerated laughs get me every time even though I haven’t heard the guy from your work that you’re taking the piss out of. They’re funny just because they’re funny. Also I’m pretty sure I admitted this one before but I was one of the victims of LOOK OUT FOR THAT TRUCK!!! and it happened twice in about 5 minutes. In a Melbourne hotel room with very minor jet-lag I drifted off and was ripped back to reality, then rewound to hear what I’d missed but fell asleep again, and the same thing happened. It was the first time I’d ever listened to a podcast while I was chilling out instead of driving or working. It was meant to be.

Also, Octavious just gets better and better, keep em coming dude.

Edit: The absent minded balls/choad scratching bit was awesome too.

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