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Re: No more SOS for Bing?

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Re: No more SOS for Bing?

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Bing wrote:
Bucho wrote:
Have you tried redownloading older shows or downloading other podcasts to see if it’s specific to 120 and 121?

as a matter of fact I tried to download show 83 ’cause I hear your big ass called in….I guess I’ll never hear that sweet, sweet voice.

yeah that was a little gay…

Nah, you’re right dude my voice is pretty sweet. Like Urkel with his nipples clamped and testicles frozen while rabid sheep fornicate with his leg. I direct dl with Getright and 121 was the first time I’ve had it hang up on me. It happened twice. I can’t remember the numbers but I think it was under 15% done each time. The third time it worked ok.

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