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Re: No more SOS for Bing?

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Re: No more SOS for Bing?

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Ok…two different scenarios

Downloading direct
no itunes

Downloading direct
dial up connection
using “Getright” (keeps connection open and prevents “hiccups”)
dial-up too slow for itunes


Downloads will hang then time out at various times. Also..shows that do not complete but get to say 80 or 90% can be salvaged but will not play properly. In the past when this happened I would simply take the incomplete download and rename with the mp3 extension and it would play in all my software with no problems. Now what happens is the player will automatically jump to the next title even if there is still some SOS left.

For example:

The newest show did not complete the 66.6mb download (66.6 remember was where I kept hanging up at on show 120). Instead show 121 would hang and freeze at about 64.8 mb this would give me almost the entire show but yet I could only PLAY about 5 or 7 minutes into the show on ANY software.

I’m sure this is all Bryan’s fault and I think Ivan should kick his ass.
Oh and fix the damn voice mail too!!!……….vagrants.

…you wouldn’t like me when I’ve been denied my SOS, I turn all green and puffy and fart a lot.