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Re: NIN: Year Zero news…

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Re: NIN: Year Zero news…

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Okay, this is just fucking genius. We all know Trent is some kinda weird superhuman, but he’s doing some things here that I’ve never seen from anyone before.

NIN is currently on tour in Europe — well, a couple of nights ago at the Lisbon, Portugal show, a flash drive was found in one of the stalls with a new song off of the new album, called My Violent Heart. There were some images imbedded into the file, that relate to a website called iamtryingtobelieve.com, which, strangely enough, can be found as highlighted letters on the back of one of the tour shirts. This website is about a drug created by the government to stop terrorism, when in reality it’s used to control the population.

Also, on another one of the t-shirts is a hidden phone number — 310-295-1040 — and it plays a message with a clip from another song off of the album, Survivalism.

There is a forum discussion on one of the nin boards attempting to compile all of this information. Apparently there’s a lot of hidden information, on the websites, in the message, and on that flash drive. How cool is this shit?

I mean, I’ve heard of concept albums, but nothing like this — using every available media, including getting the file-sharing community involved, to produce an amazing word-of-mouth experience, and all to generate interest in a new album. It’s fuckin’ genius!

EDIT: The files are available on Demonoid, and the lyrics are pretty amazing — “You cannot stop us all”. This is awesome!