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Re: News: Hack a Mac in 60 seconds

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Re: News: Hack a Mac in 60 seconds

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A) it requires that you connect to the ‘questionable access point’ first, so that’s not what I’d call totally ‘real world’. So if you go around connecting to networks you don’t know anything about, I guess you are pretty vulnerable. The driver in question though, is for the third party hardware that is used inside the MacBook (and the third-party card) and does not necessarily apply to another Apple machines. If it did, I believe that at least one of the 12 kajillion news articles on this monumental find would make note of it.

ANY machine can be hacked with enough effort applied. Nobody has ever stated that Apples are hackerproof or virus proof unless they were morons. They are not plagued with them like Windows-based machines are. The only reason this is getting so much attention is it’s one of the very few times it’s been successfully done, and although much of the security and non-Apple resources out there want to point this out as a major flaw, I saw it’s a major strength. The fact that doing it once is such major news proves that A) people are trying to do it all of the time and B) it happens so rarely that it’s huge news.

Proud to be on a Mac.