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Re: New Year, New Job

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Re: New Year, New Job

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*fade in music*
Like sands thru Christin butt-cheeks, and these are the Days of Octavious’ Life
Well the new job that I have is, no more. Got to work at 7:47 with my orange can of Rockstar, yummy and proceed to start my work. Well I see the HR guy go to my relative’s office, my boss and shut the door. Thought nothing of it. Then he comes out, asking me to join him to his office. I am thinking this is not good. Now as I follow him to his office, I am going thru my head of all the possible things he can say, what happen, etc. He told me with all the hires, my job not me, my work ethics are fine, but the job itself is no longer needed. Now I get home and tell my wife and look at my 2 yr old daughter. I go in the computer room and think and say What The Fuck.

The phone rings. *dramatic music, preferred by Jerry* (by the way nice pic on the my space) It’s my relative, cousin that I use to work for and he is FUCKIN’ pissed. One, the HR guy didn’t tell the REAL reason. Two, my cousin told me that the reason I was let go. More dramatic music.

My father in-law retired from a job, basically the company is moving out of the country. But being that my father in-law is a can’t sit all day long kinda of guy, he decides to get a part-time, 2 day a week job. Now, his old company made an offer and this other company, we will call Company X made an offer. My father in-law liked the offer of Company X.

*peak dramatic music*
Apparently, the company that I worked for and Company X don’t get along. Matter-of-fact, it’s been now that Company X has gone thru garbage to possibly get customers and databases. So saying that, conflict of interests bullshit, I had to be let go. Now I can get my job back but my father in-law has to quit his job in order for that to happen. I had this school yard/playground, kiddie shit. Will have an update.
*fade out music*