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Re: New Grindhouse Trailer!

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Re: New Grindhouse Trailer!

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It’s hard to tell about you, sometimes, Bryan. There was a part of me that thought you’d be pretty much out when you saw the machine gun leg, but then again…

I read a comment on one of the dork-boards that made me laugh — something like, “Hey, why don’t you guys quit doing homages, i.e., excuses to make bad movies, and start doing some real, original movies.” There’s a little truth to that — this movie does look to me like it’ll be a fun ride, but there’s part of me that wants to see something more like Jackie Brown from Quentin.

Oh, and as much as I want to see this, I think about From Dusk till Dawn and am a little weary. The first half was good, but the second half — pretty damn ridiculous.