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Re: Never Ever After Midnight

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Re: Never Ever After Midnight

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Bucho wrote:
Man, I love the taste of fresh poo in the summer, especially when I’m running with my balls out. I’ll even share it with my slaves because I love to watch they way the anal leakage runs down his/her/their/its ball gown. But never leave it too long in the microwave unless you want to have to deal with hard chunks and never ever cook it after midnight unless you’re a fan of bukkake

Furthermore, to remove any unwanted corn, simply sprinkle with maggots and a light dusting of semen, then, once it begins to smell of period blood, turn the waterblaster onto it and hose it down. Just be sure to wear a strong set of anal beads because the last thing any of us want is a prolapse through the middle of your rectum. Not again, and especially not while there’s a lube shortage of good solid goat fat in this part of the country, no sir.