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Re: Nasty Nurses Not Necrophilia Nomenclature

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Re: Nasty Nurses Not Necrophilia Nomenclature

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Brandi is the either the spoilt brat or the talented stripper (great pole-work). Stupid as a plank.

Jennifer is wholesome and plain. She’s nice but you can’t remember anything she says. There’s nothing nasty about her. Boring.

Elizabeth likes horses 95% of the time, motorcycles the other 5%. Incapable of slumming it. A lawyer’s wife.

Sonya is 8 or 9/10 pretty, probably with dark hair and eyes, but prone to blowing a dif once past 22. Not real smart but with a big heart. Get her while she’s hot.

Kate is wholesome but a knockout. Her smile will stop you in your tracks and so will her dental work. She’s the girl next door that looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones. She’s heartbreakingly sweet and you’ll never touch her ass.

Gina knows how to steal your car and kick your ass. Your 3rd dan black belt in jiu jutsu is impotent when you confront her because … just because. When she’s not in jail she’s working in a bar or restaurant.

Candace is educated, politically aware and a feminist. If you’re lucky she’s a lesbian.

Trina? Short for Katrina? She’s Brandi-lite.

Marsha is a soccer mom. She wishes she was having an affair with the pool boy or her husband’s boss just to have some excitement in her life but in reality her husband is fucking both of them.

Debra is always 10 or 80lbs heavier than she should be. She has a pretty face but eats her feelings. She loves animals and secretly loves animal porn.

Kim listens to the Ramones and has three tattoos and five piercings and black hair with red streaks. She’s kinda cute but sarcasm is a crutch so conversations with her get boring real quick. Better make sure she has something in her mouth.

Get Alice alone and drunk and you’ll find that cute tomboy is all woman. She has more guy friends than girls and likes beer but still has a fit body and will exhaust you if you’ve let yourself go but she won’t mind. She doesn’t realise how hot she is.

Tracy is either a tall, leggy blonde and a ton of fun or a short, dark haired butch-dike you want to avoid like the plague.

- Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.