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Re: Movies vs. Films…

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Re: Movies vs. Films…

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I still think Big Fish sucked.

I know that is the distinction people want to make, but I think it’s one of those self-important things someone started to make them sound like they knew more, or had more to say than the average bear, and people have picked up, sometimes for similar reasons, and sometimes because of the need to just separate the two. I identify with the distinction, but think it’s silly. That’s just like if an auto enthusiast wanted to call a VW a car, and a Ferrari and automobile; or if an architect or someone in the housing industry or interior design wanted to make the distinction between a house and a home, or a house and a domicile. You can probably identify with their point when they make it ( like if they said this house was put together quickly, and looks like all of the other ones on the street, but this one over here has character and that makes it a home ). But it still probably wouldn’t change how you would identify them in your everyday life. So, I see the the differences the people make between the two, but I think it’s goofy; almost as if you aren’t really into movies in a respectable fashion unless you make the same distinction. I’d think the same thing of the other two examples. I just think there is a difference between entertainment and art, but I don’t know that it’s purely identified by the use of one of those two terms.

Not trying to offend, this is just what I think about it.

Now Rob… I know that you’d be excited to work within or in proximity of that industry, but what would you do? Not dream job necessarily, but realism; what would you like to be doing. I guess my question is, assuming you wouldn’t be the next break-out or top of the industry food chain ______, what would you want to be doing in the industry?