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Re: Movies to look forward to: 007

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Re: Movies to look forward to: 007

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So, Bryan and I watched this last night. I then we both liked it quite a bit. I’d give it 3 out of 4 stars.

The Bad

– People are going on and on about how great it is – it’s good, but extremely predictable.
– There are so many bits that seem to use The Dark Knight as a template that it was almost distracting.
– The whole “monologuing” problem is definitely an issue.
– Scenes involving computers are distractingly bad if you know anything about computers

The Good

– Cinematography is top notch – most beautiful looking Bond movie ever. Many shots should be made into posters I can put on my wall.
– Score by Thomas Newman was awesome. He’s one of my favorite composers, so I might actually end up buying it.
– Acting is top notch across the board.
– If you’re a fan of Bond in any of its iterations and actors, this deserves to be seen, as there is plenty to see and enjoy.
– Lots of “movie-boners”

I wouldn’t consider it a bad thing, but there’s almost TOO much winking at the Bond fans. It’s strange that the third Daniel Craig movie is really the intro to his version of the character that the first should have been. I just wish that there were more genuine surprises.