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Re: Motorsport Ranch!

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Re: Motorsport Ranch!

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Oh, I only wanted to know if you knew anything about it… I ended up stopping by there. I checked out the tracks from far away, and I checked out the website. I was actually gonna talk about this later. The track that Jerry drove on was actually used as a race course for a long time, and the surrounding terrain is much better, more hills and such. I don’t think it took THAT long to get around it, but I suppose I could be wrong.

TMR (Texas Motorsports Ranch): Holy McFucking Shit Batman! Let’s get one major detail out of the way, it’s a club. It’s like a country club for cars. They apparently love that description, because it’s how they justify the huge cost for it, and keep the rice kiddies and the regular joes like me out. At just under $3500 you can start to call yourself a member, but it will cost you another $90 a month to keep calling yourself one. Oh, wanna actually drive on the tracks or the skidpad? That’ll be $20/half hour please. There is an executive membership, but it’s $12,000. You get the fees a little cheaper and you get ‘head of the line’ priority on club days.

What’s cool about the place? Well, the tracks are kick ass. Rob has it right, there are 3. 1.3 miles, 1.7 miles and 3.1 miles. There is a skidpad for warming up tires and getting a feel for things. The place has on-site garages where you can store your toys if you don’t want to take them home. They have racing related businesses all around too. There are corporate event packages where you can have your people pile in a team of Mazdas 6s and tear around the track. There are a few S2000s and Miatas as well.

So what is there for the everyday guy? Just about nothing, but I did find a driving school that is out there. They will let you do a driving course in your own car for like $150, so this may be the only way I get to do this. But it’s still damn high. I may have to stick to driving the WReX on Texas Motor Speedway first.