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Re: Mike Myers RIP (dead to me)?

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Re: Mike Myers RIP (dead to me)?

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El Rustirino
Version3 wrote:
I don’t hate them, I hate public gayness. Not public displays, publicly look at me gay. The story regarding him taking a role of a gay guy, because he is openly gay is something that annoys me. I don’t care if straight or gay people are portrayed in movies, TV, commercials, flip-books… whatever the fuck. But when it’s gay content for the sake of having gay content, or actors taking roles because they are openly gay, or taking a point of view shared by the vast minority, and making it a focal point as if it represents the majority; I find it irritating, cheapening and in the case of MM, it’s extremely disappointing. I didn’t know he was gay before the article though.

BTW: I have strong feelings about anyone that does similar; marketing to specific segments of the population, in order to draw attention to the fact that they are marketing to that segment. Movies that have to go out of the way to represent a minority point of view or minority segment just to spite the majority. That’s not art, it’s usually an agenda.

So, you don’t hate it because he’s gay, but because he’s using his sexual preference to achieve something, or to spite somebody, as if him being gay makes him superior. That makes sense (if I understand it correctly).

Although, I could say the same for straight people.

I’m straight, by the way.