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Re: Max Payne – Thoughts?

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Re: Max Payne – Thoughts?

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Putting aside my action-movie-trailer-cynicism for now, it does a pretty fine job of making me want to see the movie, it’s got a nice badass vibe to it with some cool camera shots and the supernatural/dreamword side of things is interesting for a change. The valkyries look powerful and Max seems at least kind of human rather than the Vin Diesel type cool dude. I played the game for a while back in the day and it had that cool post-Matrix bullet time gimmick but ultimately I didn’t like the gameplay or the story enough to get addicted.

I like Marky Mark, Mila Kunis and Beau Bridges but the director has nothing spectacular in his canon and the writers are unproven too, and they’re what really make or break a film like this, its the writers that can make the difference between it being something fresh or just being another run-of-the-mill vengeance flick. I’ll wait for early reviews to decide if its worth a trip to the movies or I should wait for dvd.

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