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Re: Max Payne movie?

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Re: Max Payne movie?

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Looking through this list of games made into movies, I see only a few that were decent.

Doom being a relatively good game (from what I’ve heard, never played it) made a shitty movie according to reviews.
Final Fantasy Spirits Within just didn’t have a good marketing scheme, I personally enjoyed it if not for the story then the crazy CGI. Same goes with Final Fantasy Advent Children which I think did better.
House of the Dead, how do you even make a move based on a “on-rails shooter” game?…srsly wtf?
Hitman, did anyone see this movie? I was gonna pirate it but never got around to it. Thats how much it interested me.
Lets not even talk about the stupid mario movies, funny cuz it was the 80s but still.
Mortal Combat, meah.
Pokemon, Movies based on a Game based on a TV show based on a Collectable card game, of course the 9yr olds will love it.
Resident Evil was pretty good at least the first one and most of the 2nd and 3rd ones.
Silent Hill was actually pretty good and got decent reviews too. I think they are planning a 2nd SH movie.
Tomb Raider, whats wrong with Angelina Jolie running around in a skimpy amazon suit, amirite?

Anyways the point I’m trying to make is they really need to stop fucking up the integrity of prefectly good video game frachises with half assed second rate movies that blow chucks. See how often it works? NOT VERY OFTEN YOU GREEDY HOLLYWOOD FUCKS!!