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Re: Look… It’s my Biology teacher!

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Re: Look… It’s my Biology teacher!

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He is the kind of guy that owns a convertable, but never puts the top down.

Whenever he gets drunk his hair is wet for some reason.

He goes commando.

His right arm was damaged in the Korean war, and they had to fuse his elbow joint in one position to save the arm, it is pointed at his belly button so he can still play the guitar.

He stopped playing guitar when he got out of the military.

He does not correct papers himself, he has everybody hand their paper to the person behind them and reads the answers aloud thus making his life easier.

He once beat Contra on a single quarter.

His wife will not let him rake the leaves in the fall. She says “it’s not natural” and they get fined by the homeowners association every year, but she makes such a bitch about it they never have to pay a fine.

His username at digg.com is Al_Pachino.

He shaves his legs, and arm pits.

He has used the exact same toothbrush since college.

He has a rubber band arround his keys, leaving just his car key loose.

Every day for lunch he has the same thing, a meat and butter sandwich, postum, vanila pudding, one cup of dry grape nuts cereal.

He has feline leukemia.

I love him.