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Re: Look… It’s my Biology teacher!

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Re: Look… It’s my Biology teacher!

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Version3 wrote:
I have a feeling that he starts his sentences over during normal conversation, kind of a cross between I forgot what I’m saying and revision (but probably says it the same when he does)

He’s not over 6 feet tall

His first name may be Phil, Bill or Bob

He may be (or have been) a coach but it’s for a secondary school activity, like volleyball or golf

He’s easy to pull gags on, particularly by students

He loses pens a lot

He leans his torso forward when he walks, or possibly only when he walks fast

He walks like a cross between a down syndrome kid and a smart gorilla

He actually tries once in a while to identify with your age group, but winds up identifying with the music/movies/or pop culture items of 2 to 3 years ago, or those of 13 year olds (though this one probably applies to most male teachers in his age group)

I really would have guess pickup truck, not only that, but it’s probably at least a few years old, and is likely paid for.

It’s either light blue if it’s a 88 forward style truck, or some shade of brown if it’s 87 and before.

He typically wears cheap white tennis shoes, or brown casual shoes

He matches it with a very worn brown belt

If he has a daughter, she drives a sports car or a ‘cute convertible’ type car, and is his ‘princess’

If he has a son or sons, they played sports in high school and even likely college

He married a brunette

He is semi-active in school ativities (IE he volunteers for chapparone activities, or is often found at the tables and booths at larger activities)

His checkbook is kept in the blue or green ‘freebie’ checkbook holder, and are printed either on the standard blue-ish check stock, or on a relaxation type pattern that his wife picked out

He has ‘his chair’ at home, and it’s probably a velour recliner, but it’s not a lazyboy

His prescription hasn’t changed in a notable number of years

He calls the thing he keeps his money in a “billfold” rather than a “wallet”

He talks slightly slower than average, but it’s more of a cautious speech pattern than it is dumber than average

He may be very forgetful

Starting sentences over- He does this occasionally, but more often he starts it with, “You follow me?” (That’s where I got my name from)

Height- He’s approximately 5’10”, so you are correct sir

Name- Sorry, none of those are his name (he does have a one syllable name, however)

Coach- he is much too lazy to be a coach

Gags- Yeah, we love messing with this guy. One class we organized it so that while he was droning on about something or other, we all got up to go the pencil sharpener at the same time. When we did this, he just stared at us dumbfounded.

Losing Pens- He does this more often than usual.

Torso- Yeah, he does have an interesting posture while walking.

Downs Syndrome/Gorilla- He is definitely missing a chromosome or two.

Pop Culture- Like most older teachers, he tries to “connect” with us, but fails miserably.

Truck- I believe it is a dark green 99 Ford.

Shoes- Most of the time he is wearing brown shoes.

Belt- I don’t think that Watters wears a belt. Usually his shirt is untucked, and his pants are down to asscrack level.

Offspring- I know that he has kids, but I’m not sure what they are like.

Brunette- I haven’t seen his wife, but I imagine her as a short with brown or black hair.

Activities- He did chaperone one dance, but got scared and never came back.

Checkbook- Right on with that

Chair- This also seems to fit his personality.

Prescription- Not sure.

Billfold- I think he has said that in class before.

Talks slowly- he is certainly a slow talker, but I would say it is more of a bullshitting manner than anything else.

Forgetful- yes, he is one of the most forgetful people that I have ever known. He is always losing our tests and other papers.

You certainly had some good guesses on this Bryan. Let’s see if anyone can guess Mr. Watters first name is. One hundred chickens up the butt to the first one to guess correctly!

I’d say that