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Re: Lindsay. Lohan. … Nude.

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Re: Lindsay. Lohan. … Nude.

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I dunno. Seems like Britney’s taken all of the “limelight” if you will, from Lindsay and Paris. Hell, they ran a story the other day about Paris’ brother getting busted for DUI. I think LiLo is going to turn out to be one of two types of people: the one who grew up a child star, did drugs, never got over it and ended up killing herself, or the one who grew up a child star, did drugs, got over it and went on to make a shitload of money (see Drew Barrymore). I think that there needs to be a lot more maturity on her level, but then again, let’s be honest here for a minute. If you were her age and/or younger, famous and had all the cash you could spend, wouldn’t you want to party your ass off as well? Now I know most of you are thinking, no, I wouldn’t do that. But we have years (well, some of us, sorry Rusty) of experience that tells us otherwise.

As for the pictorial shoot, Bryan’s right. The lighting is terrible and with her skin, I don’t think it worked very well. However, I do know now that if they ever decided to do a live-action Thundercats movie, she would make a great Cheetara. She wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time in the makeup chair. Samuel L. Jackson and Panthro and Keanu Reeves to play Lion-O … okay, kidding about the Keanu part.

Time will tell about the other stuff, though.