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Re: Lightsaber Fight

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Re: Lightsaber Fight

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Agreed about it being great that technology has come so far, but I for one am tired of seeing someone’s first jaunt into rotoscope work being passed off as a short film, tired of seeing it always revolve around lightsabers, and tired of seeing computer geeks trying to look like swordsman. Okay, cool… they did what TONS of guys already did, and I give them credit for that obviously, but I’m so tired of seeing lamers find excuses to use lightsabers without a hint of real creativity. The goofy moves and stupid force tricks don’t count for me. And worst of all, completely retarded ‘moves’ that make no sense at all. The fight pacing was all wrong, and it just annoyed me. Yeah, I’m being hard on them… but if you are doing to do what a whole slew of fanboys have done before, do it better, do it different or keep it on your own hard drive.

Fuck I’m mean.